You can’t feed babies Starbucks.

I spotted one at first. Then two. Then a whole gang of them. We have ants. It’s no surprise – like any house with young children, there is always food on the floor: fresh, organic, carefully prepared food. Heck, if I were an ant, I’d eat off my kitchen floor too.

To be honest though, I’m not a superstar in the kitchen. I don’t enjoy cooking. I eat to live, not the other way around. For six years I worked at a busy PR agency where it was not uncommon to have Starbucks for lunch. In fact, Dan and I have mused about living in the future – with the Jetsons – where you get all your nutrients from a pill instead of having to grocery shop and prepare meals. That would suit me just fine.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) when Monk A & B turned six months that had to change. You can’t feed babies Starbucks.

I decided to try Baby Led Weaning¬†(read this post)¬†mostly so I could avoid the task of making my own baby food. When that didn’t go exactly as planned I ended up feeding them some purees. Most of my friends made their own pureed baby food. I made some too, but 85 per cent of the time I bought jarred food from the store (gasp!). Note: for those who aren’t familiar with the unspoken rules of urban parenting, buying baby food in jars is considered to be a no-no. Similar to feeding your children formula instead of breast milk. Or letting them sleep in a drawer. You know, all the things that will surely prevent them from becoming professional athletes or the next Steve Jobs.

Anyway, fast forward a few months. Monk A & B are almost a year old, so the puree phase is over. They need real food so I have to step it up. Now, much of my free time is spent peeling, chopping, steaming and searching through my tupperware cupboard trying to find lids that match the containers (where do they go?)

I’m pretty proud of the food I’m making. Until I start trolling around the internet for new meal ideas. There are entire sites dedicated to baby and toddler recipes – recipes that could rival my grandmother’s cookbook. And then there’s Pinterest. My girlfriend describes Pinterest as the modern mother’s nemesis. Because gone are the days when you could show up to your child’s soccer game with this half-time team snack:

Sliced Watermelon

You are now expected to bring this:

Watermelon Basked

Thankfully, there are still a few years before I have to figure out how to make a watermelon basket. In the meantime, Monk A & B will continue to eat wholesome, balanced, yet simple, meals. And the ants in my kitchen will continue to feast on the most wholesome, balanced crumbs they’ve ever tasted.

*Not to worry, we did purchase childproof ant traps. And a mop.

3 thoughts on “You can’t feed babies Starbucks.

  1. Oh Laura you make me laugh! I’m with you on the jetson’s pill though! Carl loves food so luckily also likes to cook it unlike myself who often eats toast bc it’s easy and fast. I am not looking forward to having to make their food next! Yikes the time!! Maybe this newborn stage is the easy phase after all! Ill try to enjoy it a little more now!
    I also laughed bc we have ants ever since jack and Ella came to visit and we even have two crumb catchers (dogs)!

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