Thanks, Mom.

I read somewhere (Facebook) that when you become a mom, “you will know what it feels like for your heart to live outside your body”. This left me with some disturbing images, but once I got past that, I appreciated the sentiment behind it. It’s true: becoming a mom is the most vulnerable type of love there is. Your utter happiness is placed in the hands of a person who doesn’t even realize he has hands for the first three months of life.

I don’t imagine these feelings change very much as your children age. I bet, thirty-one years later, my mom still thinks of me as her 150lb heart walking around outside her body.

So thanks, mom. Thanks for making childhood so fun. For writing us funny poems, for crimping my hair, and for doing the Sesame Street “Grover voice” every time we asked you to, even though you said it hurt your throat.

Thanks for letting me order Proactive with your credit card during my awkward teenage years. You were right: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But you let me try it anyway.

Thanks for taking me prom dress shopping, wedding dress shopping and maternity clothes shopping.

Thanks for being my ultimate parenting guide, even though your response to most of my questions are, “hmm… I don’t really remember”.

Thanks for stopping me from registering for all the unnecessary baby items those baby stores sell (no one needs a wipes warmer, except maybe if you live in a tent).

Thanks for loving my babies as much as I do.

And most of all, thanks for being my mom when I became a mom. Because when everyone else was busy taking care of the new babies, you were the one taking care of me.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Especially to moms of first-time moms. We really couldn’t do it without you.



2 thoughts on “Thanks, Mom.

  1. Thanks Laura for writing these memories. I too would like to thank your mom for a fantastic childhood! I loved the poems and especially the Grover voice. Us Grove Road girls were lucky to have each other, but even more importantly we were lucky to have mothers who allowed us to have the amazing friendship and experiences we remember of our childhood. Miss you lots and a very happy mothers day to you!

  2. Laura, I’m catching up on your posts – you have a great voice! I am going to borrow your line “Your utter happiness is placed in the hands of a person who doesn’t even realize he has hands for the first three months of life.” Great turn of phrase!
    – Liz (your Veritas colleague, briefly)

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