Pizza knife.

Packing up to move is always more work than you anticipate. You always have more stuff than you remember; packing that stuff always take longer than you think it will, and there’s always a few unexpected obstacles that set you back a few hours. We hit our first unexpected obstacle last night.

Five years ago, we purchased an area rug from Ikea. It lived in our first apartment, then it moved with us to our current apartment where it endured the infancy and toddlerhood of Monk A & B. Needless to say, the area rug is now worn and tired looking. Time to go.

Around 8 p.m. Dan pulled up the area rug to put out with the morning trash – and there lay our first unexpected obstacle. The rug had left a thick layer of weird sand-like glue all over the hardwood floor. I wish I had taken a picture so you could fully appreciate how bad it was. Picture an area rug, like this one:


Now imagine that area rug is made entirely of glue. That’s how bad it was.

I swept it and then mopped it with wood floor cleaner and Vim. I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed it with a scouring pad.  I even picked at it with my finger nails. Nothing worked. We needed a putty knife to scrape it off. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a putty knife and it was well past 9 p.m. – all the stores were closed. I rummaged around the kitchen drawers looking for another tool that might work. The only thing I could find was a pizza knife.

pizza knife

Dan and I spent the next two hours taking turns scraping the floor with the pizza knife. And yes, we commented multiple times about how ill-prepared we are to become homeowners.

Finally, around midnight, the glue was off. In fact, after all the scraping, scrubbing and mopping, the floors in this apartment are probably cleaner now than when we moved in.

We learned two important lessons. First, Ikea area rugs are inexpensive for a reason. Second, it’s time to invest in more household tools – a pizza knife ain’t gonna cut it.

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  1. Ok this? Would totally happen to me. Except I probably would have looked at the goo, put the rug back down and left it there. And then put $50 on the counter for the new renters by way of apology. Good work with the pizza cutter though!! Lol. I need to know a) how you are finding bracebridge, and b) how your boys are. I always like reading your blog because it gives me fair warning for what’s coming next. Like, the girls aren’t quiiiiite walking yet. But they DO work together to, say, hold the central vac thing open while the other one attempts to shove little people inside. Sigh.

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