Seeing greige.

I’ve often thought I should apologize for the infrequency of new posts on this blog. After all, my kids are still napping daily. What the heck am I doing during their naps if I’m not writing? That varies, but recently one thing in particular has been occupying most of my free time: Pinterest.

I know, I know. In the past I’ve poked fun at Pinterest-posting moms. I even shared this on Facebook after Monk A & B were born:

Pinterest moms

That, however, was before we bought our first house (more about our upcoming move in the next post) and I had a fantastic excuse to decorate. Did you know that, on Pinterest, there are photos of bedrooms and bathrooms painted in every colour of the Benjamin Moore rainbow?

I’m still figuring out how it all works, but now that I’m on Pinterest, I have seven “boards” and one “private board”. A private board means no one else can see it except me. Good thing too, because that’s where I pin “borrowed” Facebook photos from unsuspecting friends so I can copy their decorating choices in my new house (is your house featured on my private board? You’ll never know…) (Also, is that illegal?)

I have one Pinterest follower: Dan. I know Dan secretly thinks I’ve become obsessed with paint colours – particularly finding the perfect “greige” for our new kitchen. FYI, greige falls somewhere between grey and beige on the colour spectrum – hence its clever name. Luckily my new pal, Pinterest, gave me the idea to make my own homemade, oversized paint swatches to help narrow down all the greiges.


Just a few of the oversized greige swatches I created.

Upon examining the oversized swatches, Dan promptly informed me that most of these colours are exactly the same. Even so, during the next walk-through of our new house, I brought the oversized swatches and made Dan and my mother-in-law hold them all up.

Dan holds the oversized swatches.

Dan refused to show his head in this photo. I believe this is his way of rebelling against the oversized paint swatches.

My real estate agent, Kyle, probably also believes I have a slight obsession with my oversized swatches. He watched me go through the exercise of trying to narrow down my choice and offered some reassurance, as realtors often do: “I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those colours, Laura” he said diplomatically. But what he probably wanted to say was: “All of the colours on those unevenly cut pieces of bristol board are exactly the same, Laura”.

I know you’ll be extremely relieved to hear that, yes, I think I have finally settled on a greige paint colour for our new kitchen. Unfortunately, Dan says I’ve already spent our entire paint budget making the oversized swatches. He suggested I pour all the paint samples I purchased into one giant vat and that will give us enough paint to finish the entire house. Plus, he says, it’s all the exact same colour anyway. Very funny, Dan. Might make an interesting Pinterest post though…

6 thoughts on “Seeing greige.

  1. I also just picked on my greige for the main floor of the house. Like Laryssa, it was Edgecomb Gray. Happy painting!

  2. We just finished this with our nursury – landed on cotton grey. Pinterest tells me grey is the new white. Enjoy and best of luck with the move.

  3. Edgecomb gray is a good one! Loved it. But looked too beige with the lighting our kitchen, so I chose Abalone. And thank you, Laryssa, for not thinking I am too over-the-top with my swatches :)

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