A day for others.

Today is Mother’s Day. For some, it’s a day of breakfast in bed, big hugs and special home-made cards. ¬†For some, it’s a day to send flowers, call or Skype to remind mom of how special she really is. And for some it’s a day of excitement and anticipation as they await the arrival of a little one who will one day call them “mom”.

Then there are others.

Others who are struggling to become a mom. Who are undergoing the emotional roller coaster of fertility treatments. Who are trying their best to focus on their own moms today and not the fact that they haven’t become one yet.

Others who are remembering a special mom who is no longer here. Who are patiently and gracefully waiting for this day to be over altogether because, no matter how hard they try to remember all the wonderful memories, the truth is, this is still one of the hardest days to get through.

Others who are spending their Mother’s Day consulting with doctors about new test results and unconfirmed diagnoses. Who feel helpless because in the outside world “mom knows best” but here, it seems the nurses usually do.

Yes, this is a day for mothers. But it is also a day for the others. A day for renewed hope, peace-of-mind and continued strength.





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