Monk A & B.

I’ve noticed parenting writers usually have some sort of pseudonym for their children. Pamela Druckerman uses Bean; Scott Colby uses Popcorn and Sweet Pea; Leanne Shirtliffe uses Thing 1 2. The list goes on. These are smart people and smart writers. I figured I too better come up with a smart pseudonym for my twins boys. The problem is that I don’t have a smart nickname for the boys. I just have one and it’s weird. Like many parents, I started off calling them “Monkey”. This cute little nickname eventually – and unfortunately – got shortened to just “Monk”. I couldn’t help it. I just kept saying it. Though I try not to call them this in front of guests (because, as I mentioned before, it’s weird) in the spirit of authenticity I will call them Monk A (for twin A) and Monk B (for twin B) on this blog. My husband hopes it does not become a precursor to their future career path.

Here is a photo of Monk A and B. Monk B is “copy” and Monk A is “paste”. This photo got 71 “likes” on Facebook. I am a Facebook photo-bragger. Learn more about the art of Facebook photo-bragging in this post.

Here is a photo of Monk A & B. Monk B is “copy” and Monk A is “paste”.

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