Love thyself.

Happy Valentine’s Day, all. This is the holiday most folks either love or hate. Parents of very young children, however, are completely indifferent to it. You see, babies and one-year olds have no idea what a Valentine’s card is and parents of these babies and one-year olds are just very, very tired.

This post is dedicated to all the moms of babies and one-year olds because, this Valentine’s Day, the love we need most of all is love for ourselves (why? Read this post). This is especially true when it comes to loving our post-baby bodies. I know, I know – this topic has been written about and talked about to death. And that’s probably making the problem even worse. For example, did you see this?

Workout Woman

This picture stirred up some major controversy. And rightly so. Luckily, as a mom of twins, I can more easily ignore these kind of things. Because, unless workout woman stuffs all three of those kids back up there and carries them around for about eight months, she will never understand my excuse. Okay, okay, let’s be more realistic: just stick the three-year old up there and see how her stomach looks afterward.

Then there are beautiful blog posts like this one, in which the author describes her ever-changing body as the journey from seed to mother’s womb. When I read this, I really, really tried to relate. I should be able to appreciate this poetic way of looking at my body . After all, I’m an English Lit major. I closed my eyes and imagined my stretch marks to be the roads of life. Nope. Can’t do it. You see, I was the English Lit major who got rejected from the elite creative writing class because my short story entitled, “The Red Leaf” didn’t cut it (but look at me now, suckers – I have a BLOG!).

The truth is, even if you get back down to your pre-baby weight, your body will not be the same. Things shift. And then they resettle into a new place, usually not exactly where you’d like them to be. But that’s life, friends. Literally. That’s what carrying around life for nine months will do to you.

My wish for moms of babies and one-year olds this Valentine’s Day is to stop striving for the body we had before pregnancy and instead strive to at least respect our new one. I also recommend purging all your pre-pregnancy clothes that no longer fit. Get rid of them. In fact, why not donate them? Yes, donate them to workout woman. She appears to be in need of some full-length shirts.

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  1. And, now that I am pregnant with our second, I am finding it even more challenging to have a healthy self image cause my baby bump just popped out so much earlier! People keep asking how far along I am and I feel like I can’t handle another person saying “wow, so you still have a long to go!” As if the back pain and varicose veins aren’t enough to deal with!!!

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