Heading “north”.

We are packing up and heading “north”. I put “north” in quotations because people who grew up in Muskoka (Dan included) like to say they are from “The North”. I scoff at this because I took a work-related trip to Moosonee once. That is north. My cousin lives in Whitehorse. That is really north. In my opinion, even North Bay just manages to squeak by as “north”, but that might only be because they added it to their city’s name. Sort of cheating if you ask me. Anyway, Bracebridge is north of Toronto so technically, we are moving our family north.

The decision has been in the works for years. I always knew Dan wanted to move back to his hometown and he’s now able to do so because he can work remotely. It took me a while to come around. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always loved Bracebridge, but the thought of moving there is a bit scary. After all, Toronto is a modern, fast-paced urban centre. And here’s Bracebridge:

Okay, a slight exaggeration as that photo is circa 1910. Bracebridge has made some advancements since then:

Bracebridge 2014… just kidding! That photo was actually taken in 2012.

Last week I considered how our move would affect this blog. As of August 23 no longer will I be an urban mom. In fact, I won’t even be a suburban mom. I’ll be a small town mom?! Maybe not. Bracebridge has a Walmart, Home Depot, Canadian Tire and a Loblaws; in a few years it will probably be considered a suburb of Toronto.

I’ll miss Toronto – particularly my sisters and friends who live in the city. In Bracebridge I will have a grand total of two friends. Wait, four friends if I’m allowed to count my in-laws. As much as I’ll miss Toronto, I’m also looking forward to the benefits of living in a smaller community and owning our very first home.

So look out Bracebridge, here we come! Looking forward to a bright future in the great white “north”.

6 thoughts on “Heading “north”.

  1. Hooray for you guys! It’s a bit daunting but will be so different and new… here’s to new beginnings. :) I will miss you loads and loads. You HAVE to keep blogging, no exceptions! xoxo

  2. I can be a friend too, when I visit! Hooray to you and Dan for making this huge decision and move, and technically, you will still be north for me, as Toronto was north as well!

  3. Yahoo!! My friend count went up! Look forward to welcoming you to the small town of Bracebridge!
    Cousin- in-law

  4. An exciting adventure for all of you! All the best with the move. You will always be referred to as my “Toronto friend” lol. Feels like yesterday we first met and you had those super cool parrot earrings!

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