Chicken wire.

This past weekend, Dan tweeted:

I replied:

If you read this post you know that we have already taken steps to toddler-proof our home. Dan’s tweet was about our biggest obstacle to date: the railing of doom (I just made that up – we’ve never called it “the railing of doom” before, but it’s appropriate).

We rent an apartment on the top two floors of a hundred-year-old house in Toronto. Apparently, people a hundred years ago were shorter because our hallway railing only comes up to my mid-thigh. Actually, come to think of it, here’s further proof that people used to be shorter:

Here's me standing next to a very old house in The Cotswolds, England. See how short this door is?

Here’s me standing next to a very old house in The Cotswolds, England. See how short this door is?

Anyway, the railing of doom is dangerous for one-year-olds. Especially one-year-olds who like to climb, like Monk A. It had to be fixed and Dan was determined to fix it. Admittedly, I was skeptical. You see, my husband is a musician. And a painter. And a web-developer. And his solution involved 50 feet of plastic chicken wire. You’d be skeptical too.

But, I was wrong. He pulled it off:

Railing of doom with new safety netting.

Railing of doom with new safety netting.

Side note about the above photo: When I started this blog, Dan agreed to let me post pictures of Monk A & B, but not pictures of himself. This happens to work out very well for me because, for the purposes of this blog, I am now married to Ryan Reynolds.

So, thanks to the creativity and hard work of my husband (Ryan) the railing of doom is no more. Not only are Monk A & B safe, but we can get a sweet game of badminton going in our living room. And we can use the extra 41 feet of plastic chicken wire to raise chickens, if we so desire.

3 thoughts on “Chicken wire.

  1. Oh the Cotswolds!!!! I felt like a person of average height for just a few days! Fantastic trip.! Love you and glad the boys are safe. Those husbands do surprise you from time to time…. joking ‘Ryan’ Always had faith in you!!!

  2. Hahahaha! This is so funny!!!
    I’m pretty impressed with your hubby for pulling this off. I was pretty sure it was going to be delegated to grandpa again with the request “it’s for the babies” haha.

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