White Noise.

When Monk A & B were two months old, I remember watching them sleep peacefully in their baby swings and thinking, “I wish I were you right now”.  Yes, I was jealous of my newborn babies. I would have given anything to curl up in an adult-sized baby swing and fall asleep. Now, seven months later, their […]

Thanks, Mom.

I read somewhere (Facebook) that when you become a mom, “you will know what it feels like for your heart to live outside your body”. This left me with some disturbing images, but once I got past that, I appreciated the sentiment behind it. It’s true: becoming a mom is the most vulnerable type of […]

It’s “Amazing”.

There is a process of etiquette among parents of multiples (POM). First, if you see a brand new POM out in public or in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, offer a warm smile and words of encouragement. Second, never ever tell an expectant POM the truth about how hard the first three months […]