Do you know a pregnant person?

It’s an exciting time because a number of my friends and family members are expecting babies!¬†When I speak to my expectant friends and their partners, I try to remember all the mental notes I made during my pregnancy – mental notes on what not to say to a pregnant person. There were some things Dan […]

Sorry, Earth.

Today is Earth Day and I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is scowling at me. I do care about the environment. Truly. I recycle. I carry a small reusable bag in my purse to avoid plastic bags. I try to turn lights off when I leave a room. I know my kids will inherit the earth […]

Baby Led Weaning.

We’re doing this thing called Baby Led Weaning. It means you don’t puree the food, you just give it to them whole and hope they don’t choke. I had never heard of this method until Monk A & B‘s six-month check up. Our paediatrician encouraged us to research it, so I did. First I found […]